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2w 3w self ballast UVC light bulbs kill bacteria for refrigeraters

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2w 3w self ballast UVC light bulbs kill bacteria for refrigeraters

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Brand Name : UV,Yoway or OEM

Model Number : ZW-S3W,2w

Certification : CE,ROHS

Place of Origin : Zhejiang, China

MOQ : 10

Price : 3 usd per pcs

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability : 10000 pcs per week

Delivery Time : 5 days

Packaging Details : paper packing , or as required

name : S Disinfection Lamp 10V 3W kill bacteria for refrigeraters

application : kill bacteria for refrigeraters Smart Clothes Rack disinfection cabinet, sterilizing boxes

life span : 12000 hours kill bacteria for refrigeraters

tube material : 99% high purity quartz tube

uvc light intensity : 900 uw (5cm testing distance)

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self ballast UVC light bulbs kill bacteria for refrigeraters
Function of ultraviolet disinfection lamp
One of the main functions of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is to be used for indoor sterilization and disinfection in families. For example, if there are elderly people, pets or babies in the home, you can often use ultraviolet disinfection lamps, which can effectively destroy the structure of DNA and RNA of bacteria, kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria and bacteria. At the same time, ultraviolet disinfection lamps can also be used in some enclosed spaces, including refrigerators, wardrobes, cars, etc.
For places with poor lighting and ventilation in the home, often use ultraviolet disinfection lamps, which can effectively kill (bedding) mites and other germs, and effectively create a healthy living environment.

Product basic specification

Main material:quartz tube,screw lamp cap

Bulb operating time:It is recommended to replace the lamp after 10000 hours

Ozone: There are two types:ozone and ozone free, according to different requirements.

3 advantages of UVC BULBS

We can eliminate pathogens from the source

Purify water

can effectively reduce the bacterial content, eliminate green algae in the water, improve the turbidity and greening of the water body, and make the water body more transparent.


It can decompose harmful substances in water, improve water quality and make fish live more happily.


Effectively inhibit bacteria in water and greatly reduce the risk of fish disease

bulb model no wattage(W) current(mA) voltage(v) UVC LIGHT intensity 30cm distance (μw/cm2) life span (h)
diamemter Cap base (mm) length
ZW -S2W 20 E17 55 2 220 10 30 15000
ZW -S3W 20 E17 63 3 330 10 120 15000
"uv photolysis lamp sterilization and disinfection ultraviolet germicidal lamp 10V/3W/G5/with and without ozone
UV principle:
The wavelength of visible light is between 400 nanometers and 780 nanometers, and light with a wavelength smaller than that of visible light (from 100 nanometers to 400 nanometers) is called ultraviolet light. The UV spectrum is further divided into three regions: UVA (315 nm to 400 nm); UVB (280 nm to 315 nm); UVC (100 nm to 280 nm);
The UVC band is called germicidal ultraviolet light, which can destroy the DNA gene structure of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, making them lose their ability to reproduce and reproduce, thereby killing viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.
Ultraviolet UVC can kill most bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the air and water in one to several seconds. What is particularly valuable is that ultraviolet rays can kill some viruses that are difficult to kill by conventional chemical methods such as chlorine.
40% of the total output light energy of the low-pressure mercury vapor ultraviolet lamp is ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 254 nanometers (UV-C), which is just in the UVC ultraviolet I region that can efficiently kill various bacteria and viruses." Garranty time: 12 months Garranty policy: any bad uvc lamp, sent a new one for replacement. "Features
1. Using quartz glass, high light transmittance.
2. Divided into two categories with ozone and without ozone.
3. It can be connected to 220v/50Hz power supply in series with incandescent lamps or special capacitors, without ballast.
4. The switching times are more than 20,000 times." application: clothes rack 2.disinfection cabinet.3.sterlizing boxes "4. Advantages of UV germicidal lamps
a) Sterilization
Guangtai ultraviolet germicidal lamp can sterilize, including bacteria, viruses, mold spores, algae, fish diseases, etc. It has a significant effect. The disease control report shows that the inactivation rate of Escherichia coli is greater than 99%.
Ultraviolet sterilization eliminates the need to add toxic chemical germicides and avoids harmful colors and odors.
And no harmful by-products are produced, and it will not bring secondary pollution to the water and the surrounding environment."
for refrigerators, disinfection cabinet, sterilizing box, disinfection cases etc,
2w 3w self ballast UVC light bulbs kill bacteria for refrigeraters2w 3w self ballast UVC light bulbs kill bacteria for refrigeraters
2w 3w self ballast UVC light bulbs kill bacteria for refrigeraters2w 3w self ballast UVC light bulbs kill bacteria for refrigeraters
2w 3w self ballast UVC light bulbs kill bacteria for refrigeraters

Product Description

UVC Is Efficient and Safe

UVC Germicidal Fixtures increase the value of all air conditioning and air-circulating systems by:

· Maximizing system efficiency

· Prolonging blower life

· Providing healthier air to breathe

Treating air that passes through an HVAC unit with ultraviolet light will reduce, or eliminate, DNA-based airborne contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeast, protozoa), and provide much healthier air to breathe. UVC Germicidal Fixtures are a labor-free solution that will not harm occupants, equipment or furnishings because they produce no ozone or secondary contaminants. For more than 70 years, tens of thousands have been safely installed in hospitals, clinics, processing plants, commercial offices, manufacturing sites and other commercial facilities and multi-and single-family residences around the world.

Light Source
Quartz Tube
UV intensity (μW/cm2)
450 uw/cm²
Appplication Area
Rated Power
Base face length
Lamp voltage
Lamp current
Head material
Single head or double head
Double head

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